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Mega Parlour Deal (Complete Parlour Shopping for 6-12months)

Mega Parlour Deal (Complete Parlour Shopping for 6-12months)

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Mega Parlour Deal 

Miner Powder Base Natural 100g
Mineral Powder Base Ivory 100g  
Soft Base Natural 100g 
Soft Base Ivory 100g 
Loose Powder Light 1260 100g 
Loose Powder Bright 1343 100g
Soft Base Orange Contour 100g
Soft Base Chocolate Contour 100g
Tint Pink 20ml 
Streaking Set 500ml 
Vitamin Skin Polisher Set 500ml 
Almond Cleansing Milk 120ml 
Rose Skin Shiner 120ml 
Aloe Vera Soothing Lotion 120ml 
Whitening Powder 50g 
Double Action Green 500g
Aloe Vera Gel Transparent 500g
Glowing Urgent Facial 500g
Apricot Scrub 500g
Argan shampoo 500ml 
Hand & Foot Kit 100ml 
Fresh Rose Water Spray 100ml 
Rutnoor Serum 100ml 
Shine Hair Serum 100ml 
Keratin Hair Mask 100g 
Soft Thread 
Gold Peel Off Mask 100g 
Keratin Conditioner 100g 
Gold Facial 50ml 
Gold Skin Polisher Mini 50ml 
Zafarani Facial 50ml 
Zafarani Skin Polisher Mini 50ml 
Botanical Mask 100g 
Beauty Blender 
Creamy Face Wash 100ml 
Skin Polish Mixing Bawl 4 In 1
Wax Strips 
Pink Rose Face Wash 500ml 
Aloe Vera Wax 500g 

Fresh Rose Face Toner 100ml 
Relax Massage Oil 100ml 
Wax Spatula 
Facial Hair Band 
Facial Sponge 
Silicone Face Mask Brush 
Ubtan Scrub 

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